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Xenons Inkjet Printing Solutions

Xenons-CS15 Textile Printer
R180-X3S UV Printer From Xenons
Xenons-eco solvent printer
V7151 Small UV Flatbed Printer
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Latest News
Invite you to the latest GUV Technoloy on XENONS FESPA Madrid
February 12, 2020
Meet the innovated GUV technology on XENONS FESPA Madrid
Ultra-high-speed UV printing technology came out---Xenons GUV
April 02, 2019
GUV industrial UV printing technology from XENONS
UV printing speed is easily over 100m2/h
More colorful colors and cheaper prices
Fespa Global Print Expo | XENONS
May 14, 2019
FESPA Global Print Expo 2019
Time : May 14-17, 2019
The booth no. : B5-E90 & E93
Messe Munich, Munich (Germany).
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Xenons is the world class digital inkjet printer manufacturer and total solutions supplier. As one of the largest printing engine supplier, Xenons offers the unique system plus customized digital inkjet solutions.Powered by EPSON, RICOH, TOSHIBA, SEIKO,KONICA MINOLTA, FUJIFILM DIMATIX, KYOCERA.

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